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Relaxing Facial
Relaxing Facial

Amethyst Gua Sha Facial

Experience the potency and power of phytonutrients in their organic, whole plant form. transform dull, tired, dehydrated skin into vibrant, healthy skin with the help of herbal superfoods like Nettle Leaf, Cranberry Seed, and Calendula Flowers to support optimal skin wellness. This facial is ideal for most skin types with a primary focus on reducing stagnation, restoring life, and aging vibrantly. 

Includes Hand, Foot, Face, Neck, Scalp and ancient Gua Sha massage for maximum lymph movement and facial muscle smoothing and relaxation.

80 min treatment 


Rose Quartz Facial

Soothe redness and calm irritation with comforting and hydrating Heirloom Rose, Reishi Mushroom, Pomegranate Seed, and Marshmallow Root. This facial is ideal for rosacea or other fragile skin conditions, with a primary focus on a gentle nutrient delivery to reduce inflammation, restore barrier function, and clear puffiness and stagnation. Includes hot gemstone massage of hands, feet, and deep manual massage of the neck, face and scalp for a blissfully relaxing experience. 

70 min treatment


Eyebrow Wax

Hair Removal/Tinting

Offering waxing and shaping of the brows and face. Also offering lash/brow tinting which is a safe, semi permanent coloring that darkens the lashes or eyebrows.

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